3 Great medical jobs you can learn online


  1. The healthcare industry has never been better than it is today. Even when the economy isn't doing too well, you will certainly find good jobs in healthcare. Do you know why it is so? It is because people will never stop getting sick. And the best thing about healthcare is that there are a large number of entry level jobs available. And you don't require high levels of education to join the industry either. Three of the most popular jobs in this industry are medical transcriptionist, pharmacy technician & medical assistant. Now let’s take a look at each of them in a little more detail.
  2. Medical Transcriptionists Job Description
  3. 1. Medical transcriptionist


    You don't have to do too much in order to get a job in medical transcription. All you have to do is take a medical transcriptionist course. You can even take an online course on the internet if needed. These programs teach people how recordings need to be transcribed and how medical reports are to be generated. Good training programs will also supply the necessary equipment required to perform transcriptions accurately. Such training is going to help you develop the necessary skills required to excel in this profession and will also help you in a large number of other industries outside healthcare. You will also learn how to format reports properly and will be able to familiarize yourself with a large number of medical terms and abbreviations.

  4. CVS Interview - Pharmacy Technician
  5. 2.  Pharmacy technician


    You will have to go through a little more trouble if you want to become a pharmacy technician. Training programs for this job is more vigorous than for medical transcriptionists. The main reason for this is because a small mistake that is made by a pharmacy technician can cause a great deal of harm to patients. Pharmacy technicians need to be 100 % accurate every time and make no mistakes. Training programs here instill a high level of attention to detail among students through repetition and testing. There is even a certification test which has to be passed before you can become a certified pharmacy technician. There are no prerequisites to attend this program and it will take around 6 months for you to complete the course. The program involves learning about claim forms, patient profiles, inventory, medications, etc.

  6. Inside Jobs - Medical Assisting
  7. 3. Medical assistant


    There are many online courses available for people that are interested in becoming a medical assistant (e.g. check  http://www.medicalassistantprogramonline.net  or kaplanuniversity.edu. There are certificate courses as well as diploma courses available for those that are interested. Certificate courses are single subjects from the diploma course. The various subjects include physiology, medical billing, medical transcription, medical coding and anatomy. These courses are perfect for students that don't want to work on all the subjects. The only problem is that you will not be able to undertake a certification examination until you receive a diploma in medical assistance. There are many universities which offer free training courses as well and even though these free courses do not contribute to your overall credit, it does help you learn a lot about medical assistance and will certainly help you in the long run.