The Future Of In Coal Illinois; In Running, Is Less More?


  1. Coal plays a large part in the history of Illinois, and the present. Nearly 40 percent of the electricity in Illinois is generated by coal-powered plants, and the possible closing of nuclear power plants in the state is bound to reshuffle the state's energy portfolio.
  2. We talked about the future of coal in Illinois with Steve Daniels, senior reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business; Phil Gonet, president of the Illinois Coal Association; and Tomasz S. Wiltowski, director of the Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center at Southern Illinois University.
  3. Plus -
  4. When it comes to running, is the marathon the best goal? Or is less more? And better for you?
  5. Christie Aschwanden, lead writer for science at FiveThirtyEight, joined us to talk about running and why a longer distance isn't necessarily a healthier choice for runners.