The 21st: 'Boy Erased,' A New Memoir; Fertilizer, Revamped


  1. In 1973, the American Psychological Association declared that homosexuality was not a mental illness; at the same time, a nondenominational Christian group called Love In Action denounced that move and started a treatment center that promised to “cure” people of homosexuality.

    Three decades later - in 2004 - a 19-year-old Garrad Conley entered one of those programs. Today, he’s telling his story - it’s part of his memoir, "Boy Erased."
  2. We spoke with Conley about the years in this group of "ex-gay" therapy and the changing relationship he's had with his Christian family and his southern roots.

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  4. Talk to any farmer around Illinois and one of the first things you’ll likely hear is how great the dirt is here.

    So it’s a bit counter-intuitive that Illinois uses more fertilizer per acre than most states, second only to Iowa. With the rising cost of fertilizer--and the growing awareness of its environmental impact--there’s been a huge push for fine-tuning the way farmers apply it.

    We talked to two leaders behind that push: Soil Scientist Richard Mulvaney, and CEO of Soil Diagnostics Incorporated, Kaustubh Bhalerao, and also heard from agronomist Dan Towery.