Gun Violence, Trauma & Grief; Old State Capitol’s Legacy; Financial Exploitation


  1. In 2006, Willie Williams, Jr., lost his 17-year-old son in Chicago. He shared with us his experience in dealing with the trauma of losing his son and how he became involved in the Boys and Clubs of Danville to cope with his grief and inspire young children.
  2. Psychiatrist Dr. Carl Bell explained the impact of gun violence on families and how to deal with recent events that can bring painful memories back to them.
  3. And -
  4. Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech this morning at the Old State Capitol in Springfield. That site is where Abraham Lincoln delivered his now famous “A House Divided” Speech. And he’s not the only person who gives that building such historic significance.
  5. Earlier this morning, before Clinton spoke, we talked with Chris Wills, a spokesman for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. He spoke to us from just across the street from the Old Capitol Building.
  6. Plus -
  7. We talked about financial exploitation of senior citizens with Matt Andres, Director of the Elder Financial Justice Clinic, which provides free legal representation to seniors.
  8. And we were joined by a resident of Oglesby, Illinois, who found herself the victim of financial exploitation and worked with Matt Andres to find relief.
  9. University of Illinois College of Law graduate Haney Noureldin also joined us to talk about about how students work with the clinic to help victims of financial exploitation.
  10. Here is a link to a user-friendly Power of Attorney for Property form published by the State of Illinois: