SciOTeen Women-in-STEM session

Teens and teachers at #scioteen 2013 joined in a discussion with female representatives from various STEM fields. Panelists encouraged attendees to pursue STEM careers but also cautioned them on gender-based road blocks they might face.


  1. Invited panelists included Maia Weinstock (@20tauri, moderator); Hilda Bastian (@hildabast); Krystal D’Costa (@krystaldcosta); Cynthia Duggan (@cynthia_duggan); Julie Hecht (@dogspies); Delaram Kahrobaei; Gabrielle Rabinowitz (@gabriellerab) & Jayne Raper
  2. Keynote speaker Hilary Mason (@hmason) started off the #scioteen conference with shoutouts to two famous women in STEM: Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace.
  3. SciOTeen 13 - Hillary Mason keynote
    SciOTeen 13 - Hillary Mason keynote
  4. We began the session with an activity: Write about two STEM-related experiences that positively or negatively influenced you at some point in your life, making sure to note the age at which these experiences took place. Experiences could be online or in real life. Participants then posted their experiences by age and positivity/negativity.
  5. SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
    SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
  6. SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
    SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
  7. After introductions, each panelist explained why she loved her STEM job. Discrimination, biases, and stumbling blocks were also discussed, as were coping mechanisms and resources for delving deeper into certain topics. The majority of the teens and teachers in attendance chimed in with questions and observations.
  8. SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
    SciOTeen 13 - Women in STEM
  9. As we talked, artist Perrin Ireland (@experrinment) took notes in cartoon form.