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  1. Some people have landline phones, some have cell phones and others have VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP ) is a kind of telecommunication that allows an individual to make and get calls over the World Wide Web or other packet-switched networks. The voice of the IP telephony subscriber is converted into an electronic format, which is either reached by computer software or through Analog Telephone Adaptor. This phone system typically interfaces with all the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) to empower global transparent phone communications.

    The important features of a VoIP network are a call process server, broadband telephony gateways, an IP network, gatekeepers and user devices. These telephones can be either hard or soft. For example, a hard phone is extremely similar to a conventional telephone, but it has an Ethernet interface, not a jack. These devices need no connection to the computer. Conversely, the soft kind is dependent upon computer software to work.

    VoIP has become a favorite communication pick as it does have many excellent features including a relatively low cost and also the ability to provide various telephone attributes (I.E. call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, etc.) at not additional cost. Yet, not everything about this technology is valuable. There continue to be some challenges it confronts. For instance, the quality of service can be very shaky and it's not as secure as standard landlines.

    Additionally, it may be extremely tough to track down a broadband phone user. There numbers are not printed in the public phone book. Therefore, you won't be able to seek a man's name in a forward lookup to locate their Internet phone-number, nor will you be able to use a reverse lookup with much success. The reason is there are few directories that house these numeric codes. Additionally, some of these users actually have the ability to spoof their information, so the data that shows up on caller ID can be totally erroneous, which may also make locating the numeric code via a backwards investigation hopeless.

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