Purple Line Extension: Manual Trip Account

Law Murray (1SKILLZ-NetworksUnited.net) reports from ten Purple Line stations - the current stations as well as the proposed Westside Subway Extension stations.


  1. The Metro Purple Line in Los angeles will be up and running on the Westside of Los Angeles beyond its current terminus at Wilshire/Western.  Construction work has begun on the project already:
  2. LA Subway Milestone: Westside Subway Extension Utility Relocation Launch
  3. There is a problem, however.  The Beverly Hills School District is concerned about the project going underneath Beverly Hills High School.  
  4. The Beverly Hills Courier even put together a video representing the expression of their concern over the project:
  5. The Beverly Hills Subway, Methane Risk and Beverly Hills High School - Special Report
  6. I did my own brand of reporting, going to all of the Wilshire Boulevard stops that currently exist (Vermont, Normandie, Western) as well as the stops that are to be built in the not-so-near future.  What I came up with is a colorful account of how other commuters and community members are reacting to the talk about the new subway:
  7. Purple Line Extension (Manual Trip Account)
  8. After reaching the VA Hospital, I decided to go all the way back towards downtown.  Now, Metro says that when the Westwood/VA stop is completed in 2036, it will take only 25 minutes to reach downtown.  As you can see below, it took longer on the 720...