#StandWithNanHui because #WeSurvived

On February 25, domestic violence and Asian American organizations launched a Twitter storm in support of Nan-Hui Jo, a single undocumented mother and survivor of abuse.


  1. Nan-Hui Cho is a single mother of 6-year-old daughter Hwi. Cho is currently imprisoned in the Yolo County jail facing trumped up child abduction charges after she made the impossible decision to take her daughter home to South Korea, in hopes of escaping the physical and emotional abuse inflicted upon her by the child’s father, Iraq war veteran Jesse Charlton.
  2. 12.8% of Asian and Pacific Islander women reported experiencing physical assault by an intimate partner at least once during their lifetime. However, just as the numbers for sexual assault, many factors lead to underreporting and inaccurate statistics for abuse and violence.
  3. Nan-Hui came to America in 2002 to study film in California and now works as a writer of children’s books. In 2005, she moved from California to Connecticut after marrying another man who was a US citizen; however, after he physically abused her, the man was arrested and convicted of domestic assault charges and Cho filed for divorce.
  4. Although her ex-husband has withdrawn his sponsorship of her marriage-based green card, Cho is currently in the midst of obtaining permanent residency status based on her status as a survivor of violent crime.
  5. Jesse Charlton is an Iraq War veteran who served two tours and came home with severe PTSD. Despite Nan-Hui's calls to police after Charlton grabbed her by the throat and threw her against a wall, police only told Charlton to “leave for awhile”.
  6. Many people shared their personal stories and experiences with domestic violence and abuse.
  7. Folks, including Juhee Kwon, also tweeted about the generational effects of abuse in their family.
  8. Nan-Hui Jo is now detained in Yolo County Jail and is being threatened with deportation, meaning that she might never be reunited with her daughter. As of now, Jesse Charlton has full custody of their 6-year old, Hwi.