Azaria's death moves Australia, 32 years on

More than three decades after baby Azaria Chamberlain went missing, the cause of death has finally been put to rest. Today in Darwin, parents Lindy and Michael Chamberlain expressed their relief at finally having closure, after the NT Coroner found Azaria was attacked and killed by a dingo at Uluru.

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  1.  Azaria Chamberlain went missing from the family's tent at a campsite in Uluru in 1980. Her death has been the cause of a highly controversial legal battle, with Lindy even spending time in jail before a royal commission cleared her name.

  2. Today, as the findings of the fourth inquest into Azaria's death were anticipated, a large media contingent awaited Lindy and Michael's arrival at the Darwin Magistrates Court for the Coronial findings.
  3. At 10am, NT Coroner Elizabeth Morris delivered her findings in a 20-minute live broadcast from the courtroom. 
  4. Okay People, it's official: The dingo DID eat her baby!
  5. The Coroner became emotional as she put down her findings and spoke directly to Lindy and Michael, expressing her sympathy for their loss, saying "time will not remove the sadness and pain from the death of a child".

    Around 20 minutes later, a smiling Lindy Chamberlain greeted the media and a small crowd from the public outside the courthouse.

    She was met with applause as she spoke about the great relief and delight she felt after hearing the Coroner's findings.
  6. Such a historic moment for Lindy Chamberlain, as she hears the coroner find #Azaria was killed by a dingo 32 years ago
  7. Lindy #Chamberlain outside #darwinnt court after the coroner found a #dingo took her baby 32 yrs ago.
  8. Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton speaks to the media after #azaria inquest.
  9. A dingo took #Azaria Chamberlain 32 years ago. NT coroner delivered her findings this morning.
  10. News of the Coroner's findings circulated around social media under the hashtag #Azaria, and public reactions began spreading.
  11. Only took 32 bloody years!!!! The coroner told the court: "[Azaria] died at Uluru on 17th August 1980 as a result of being attacked and taken by a dingo."
  12. TIL: "A Dingo Ate My Baby" is quite offensive. I thought it was in the same vain as drop bears but apparently not.
  13. Congratultions to the Cahmberlains.God knows they deserve this decision after all these years!!!!!!
  14. I am glad that both Chamberlain parents and families can have closure tonight. Praying for them now. Don't know how they were able to endure so much pain.
  15. So glad Lindy Chamberlain has at last had her name cleared. A lifetime of grieving for her baby girl while society branded her a killer. Now we've seen the power of Dingo's after the killing of a nine year old boy in broad daylight. There will still be people who aren't convinced, but I just think of the horror she and Michael must have gone through on that night and for the past 32 years. RIP baby Azaria