Five Preparation Tips that Every Athlete Needs to Know


  1. Sports are fun because it enhances your skill and stamina to become better with it. Sports also help you, as an individual, to become active, passionate and dedicated.

    Whether you’re up to outdoor or indoor sports, or someone who’s still starting to explore the athlete’s world,it’s a must to know all the basic preparation and equipment before the big day arrives whether it’s a Sport’s day or championship day.

    Here’s a few list of things that you will need to have, or need to do, in preparation for the big day:

  2. 1. Get in shape

    - It’s a must for athletes to workout on a daily basis in order to keep in shape. First and foremost, start by creating your own workout plan/routine. Ask help from your personal trainer,coach, or gym teacher everything that you need to know to help boost your energy and strength.

    - It is also important to eat healthy foods, especially green leafy vegetables and also drink vitamins to help your immune system.

  3. 2. Prepare your gear and equipment

    - Whether it’s a ping pong ball,sports gloves, knee pads, rackets, sun visors, extra shirt, hair accessories from Singapore, sports sunglasses from Singapore, clip on sunglasses from Singapore, etc., it all depends to whether what sport you are playing. Do not hesitate to also ask help from your coach regarding everything that you will need before the day of the game happens.

    - Another tip: Some sports gear may cost quite expensive. In order to avoid spending too much money on new sports gear, try looking for specific second hand sports gear. (of course, double check everything before purchasing!)


    - Train and practice harder months before the big day. You can also consider attending sports camp, and other sports orientation to have more idea and knowledge regarding on how to improve yourself when it comes to sports.

    - While there’s still time left,train as long as you have time. But never forget to put limitations when it comes to trainings/practices. Do not tire or exhaust yourself too much. As you train yourself, it’s still important to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each day.

  5. 4. See your doctor

    - Before anything else, it’s a must for all sports team or sports captain to have their players checked up before allowing them to participate. During sports season, most doctors tend to be a lot busier, that’s why as early as now, have your appointment scheduled.

  6. 5. BELIEVE

    - Lastly, believe in yourself. Sure,people tend to feel really nervous or anxious before the big day comes, but as long as you believe that you’ll be able to make it, nothing could possibly go wrong. Win or lose, it won’t matter. You did your best and that’s enough reason for you to be proud of yourself.

    Another tip: instead of training for the whole day BEFORE big day, try relaxing instead. Do not put pressure yourself too much and do your best to stay calm. Sit back and relax.