1. Chris Barbic, Superintendent of the Achievement School District, went on a tweeting spree earlier today about the results of the ASD. Like him (or the ASD) or not, he made a valid point in regards to failing schools not being as controversial as the ASD.

    We should be up in arms that we live in a time where we need the ASD and charters. To be honest, I wish we didn't need any of them. I wish we had a strong enough public education system where everyone was excelling. But we don't. Alas, we have the ASD and charter schools.

    The ASD results Mr. Barbic tweeted about will be disagreed with by many. One thing is true: Only time will tell how well the ASD will do.

    In an interview we did with Dr. Jay Steele of Metro Nashville Public Schools, Dr. Steele stated that he gives his principals three years to turn a school around. We are coming close to Mr. Barbic's three year mark. What do you think will happen to the ASD in the coming years: Closure or Expansion?
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