1. The Washington post has posted an article about the heatwave.
  2. Another article talk about the Europe heatwave.

  3. How serious the 2015 heat wave? In this video, a compact car was cooked by sunlight.
  4. Watch the moment a car MELTS as killer heatwave sweeps Europe

  5. The below vedio shows the stellite image of dates form 30,June to 3 July 2015. Clear skies over much of Europe during the week.
  6. Heatwave in Europe, 30 June - 3 July 2015

  7. Accuweather.com recorded the temperature of Paris, France in November 2015, temperature still keeping high level even the Winter is coming.

  8. Heat wave cause lot of people die. one article form livescience.com, analysis why heat wave kill more people than other weather-related disasters do.
  9. They met the strongest drought.
  10. After heatwave, weird things happened in Germany.
  11. Consequence
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