Twitter Scavenger Hunt

As an assignment for our JRMC Multimedia Class, Nadine Awadalla and I ran around the American University in Cairo, AUC, to complete 10 tasks using Twitter. It was definitely one of the most interesting assignments I've ever had the pleasure of doing. Take a look at my story to see why!

  1. On the 26th of February, my colleague Nadine and I embarked on a Twitter Scavenger Hunt for an assignment given to us by Professor Kim Fox as part of our #JRMC202 Multimedia Writing coursework. 
  2. The purpose of the Twitter Scavenger Hunt was to complete 10 tasks using Twitter in a limited amount of time so that we learn how to report concisely and accurately with time constraint. These tasks were diverse, ranging from asking people about their favorite food outlet to discovering hidden spots on campus!
  3. Nadine and I began the assignment with a selfie on her Twitter account to show our enthusiasm.
  4. The first task we got out of the way was asking a student where they get their news from and if they use social media to do so. Although a bit reluctant and shy at first, Mariam Wahba, journalism major, was happy to help us out. 
  5. Next, we headed to the Office of Student Development, OSD, to show off AUC's diverse collection of organizations and clubs.
  6. One thing I personally discovered thanks to Nadine was that there is a computer lab right under the OSD that all students can use at anytime. This made it a perfect as a little known fact about AUC. 
  7. We made our way to the food court to ask anyone about their favorite food outlet. Thinking this would be an obvious place to ask about such a topic, we didn't realize that no one would want to speak to us while chewing on their sandwiches for lunch. 
  8. Luckily, we bumped into Mohanad El Sawy, an electronics engineer, who gladly told us that he relies on Subway for his healthy meals. 
  9. To demonstrate AUC's academic excellence, we visited the Rare Books and Special Collections library archives. The archives have all sorts of documents that can be used for research, some of which are around a century old.
  10. Time was starting to run out but that didn't stop us from taking a selfie at our favorite spot on campus! 
  11. Just a minute after, we spotted Neamat Abdulllah, architecture senior, and she told us all about the #TrainforAim sports event that was being held at AUC's sports complex. The purpose of the event is to bring in street children to enjoy a fun day of football in support of the young athletes. 
  12. While we were at the food court before heading to the gardens, we had a couple of friends show us some school spirit along with Middle East studies student, Philip Yovetich. However, we unfortunately lost the video due to a faulty app. 
  13. As we were leaving the gardens, we were surprised to run into Yovetich again. After hearing of our misfortune, he was more than keen to show us some more school spirit and helped us make sure we got the video. It was definitely an interesting way of making friends with a stranger. 

    (To disable to mute option, click on the top left button on the video)
  14. Our time was coming closer to an end and we wanted to make the best of it. To capture a scenic view of campus, we decided to go up to a roof that overlooks the gardens of AUC. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful views on campus where you can see the vibrant colors of the flowers, palm trees and jasmine bushes. The view also looks beyond the gates of AUC and onto nearby construction sites of the New Cairo district. 
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