Locked Treasure Room

:: Or, a camera obscura by any other name

  1. As I write this, snow falls outside my balcony. Another freight train heads towards the Mississippi. David Byrne tells me "time isn't holding us/time isn't after us." The dryer drones. 
  2. I'm thinking about having another cup of coffee. My upstairs neighbor's heavy footstrike & barking dog. I'm working my way up to talking about public/private information. 

    I'm thinking about "See something, say something." 

                                                                   I'm thinking about the debate I had with myself over editing out the name of the river or the fact of the train, and how it had nothing to do with 'good' or 'bad' writing, but worries about metadata & personal safety.
  3.                                                                                  See something, say something.
  4. I choose to believe that choice actually matters.
                                                                                         I also have a high tolerance for cognitive dissonance.
  5. I tend to choose work that requires co-workers to talk to me about how we’re doing what we’re doing, and how we’d like to change/get better/fix what we’re doing. This is not always a welcome thing. I am mostly okay with that.

  6. In a place where I used to work, there were only a handful of offices with doors. There were few floor-to-ceiling walls, and they all were thin. In this place, I spent a lot of time having the same conversations with different people, in low tones. I liked the inertia of overhearing. 

  7.                                                                                         I also talk out loud to myself when I'm working. This is not always welcome. I feel badly about that.
  8. The building where I work now used to be three different buildings. Preservation of historic features was a cornerstone of the conversion work. But now, there is much talk about soundproofing, esp. between tenants' offices. 
  9.                                           My own office is a box of white noise, sandwiched between a forced air return & a neighboring coffeeshop's speakers. It is the first time I've had an office door. I never need it. I'm okay with that.
  10. In the trail of the Edward Snowden leaks, I remember talking with a co-worker/friend about our different ideas of privacy. About what spaces each of us assumed to be public or private. She used the example of phone calls to her parents. She was horrified that someone might be listening in. 
  11.                                                          For years, my mother & I have offered helpful commentary to any machines/humans recording our phone conversations. We use it as a method of speaking Truth to Power. 
  12.                                                                                                       We are only half joking when we do this. 
  13. There is a lot of media coverage about privacy and technology. I read/listen to much of it.
  14. Most of it feels pointlessly divided along lines of whether or not the glass is half empty/half full.
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