Timing, Frequency and Phase Sync

Collection of tweets from the PhaseReady Event in London, 3rd June

  1. It was an absolute pleasure delivering a keynote to timing, frequency and phase sync experts in the PhaseReady event today
  2. It is interesting to see that Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) has quite strict timing requirements of +/-1.5us. If this requirement cannot be met then there is a high likelyhood that the benefits expected from CoMP may not be achieved
  3. For eMBMS or LTE-B, the figures quoted were between 1 and 32us for phase alignment to achieve a Single Frequency Network (SFN). While a mis-alignment may cause an issue for a moving user (car or bus), for many users who may actually use eMBMS may be in stadiums would be in a stationary environment. They may not get affected much.
  4. Not sure if anyone has looked at timing accuracy requirement for 5G, especially will low latencies and even lower planned TTI.
  5. 'Syntonisation' is a new word that I learned today :)
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