1. 1. Awards and Accolades
  2. The trophies were not the typical gold or silver-plated ones.
  3. I was very moved when one of our Illinois professors won the Transformation Award. I was not part of the team but was happy for all of them. Everyone works hard and long hours to put the courses online. Prof Madhu was very gracious and acknowledged the work of the eLearning team, "I am here because you were there."
  4. Andrew Ng humbly acknowledged that in his attempts to put classes online, he learned that he didn't know it all; that the pedagogy he used in face-to-face classes did not work online, despite his excellent student evaluations. It was encouraging to hear him tell the university crowd that they could use the help of the campus learning teams.
  5. It seemed as if he read some of our minds. I for one am concerned that in the pursuit of career specializations and job training / work prep courses; we forget that it is the timeless skills of creative and critical thinking we need most in placing students in workplaces of the future.
  6. 2. Coursera the Last 5 Years
  7. 3. Open Access for Public Good
  8. This picture of the Learning Hub moved me. I was impressed with Coursera's initiatives to create courses for social impact and they have sustainable development goals.
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