Mother Nature Takes Her Aggression Out On The Northeast

More than 70 inches of snow have fallen in Boston in just a little over two weeks. Winter's sudden wrath is taking its toll on the people living in New England.

  1. All of this snow is reminding many of a recent Disney movie about an ice princess.
  2. Luckily, many seem to be able to find some humor in the massive amounts of snow that have fallen in the recent weeks.
  3. Some people found motivation in food.
  4. Others seem frustrated about having to shovel out their cars.
  5. Many it would seem, have caught a case of the winter blues. Due to the massive amounts of snow, many locals have been stuck inside for days on end, which does not help to lift spirits in the depths of winter.
  6. After three huge snow storms, the piles of snow just keep growing. As this video shows, the weight of the snow on the roofs of buildings is proving too much for some to handle.
  7. Mounting Snow Causes Boston Roof Collapse
  8. Despite the stressful situation the snow has been causing, some are able to see the bright side.
  9. After all, Elsa said it best:
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