1. What is World Usability Day you ask?

  2. "World Usability Day is the largest gathering of industry professionals, academics, government leaders, and students facilitates the progression of usability, user experience, and user-centered design. Each year, the World Usability Day community holds over 150 events in more than 40 countries. MSU's event draws speakers and attendees from all parts of North America representing industry, government,, and academia. World Usability Day was founded to explore ways to ensure that the services and products important to life are easy to access and simple to use." -WUD

  3. Who spoke at Michigan State University?

  4. All women. How awesome is that?
  5. Yes! Us too!
  6. Meet the lineup:

  7. Emily Mahood Bowman : "I'm a new homebrewer obsessed with perfecting the IPA, and I have a wicked eyeglasses collection. Oh! And I love to be involved with the UX community... join me!" Emily Bowman wants to live in a world where technology works for us, not against us. As a User Experience Architect, she leverages user-centered design to help global brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Kimberly-Clark, and Intel create useful and usable experiences on cars, phones, tablets, and the web. Lately she's been designing user experiences for Ford Motor Company at Team Detroit, an advertising agency in Dearborn, Michigan. When she's not nose deep in wireframes, Emily leads Ladies That UX Detroit, a professional group aimed to support and advance women in design and technology.
  8. Wietske van Osch Dr. Wietske van Osch is an Assistant Professor in Media and Information at Michigan State University and a visiting professor in Information Systems at the IESEG School of Management (France). She studies enterprise social media (ESM) and online communities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, boundary-spanning, and innovation with a focus on the design of generative systems and communities, both inside and outside organizations. Current research projects involve extensive industry collaborations with companies including Steelcase and Leo Burnett. Her work on ESM has been funded by the National Science Foundation (esm.mi.msu.edu).
  9. Megan Schwarz : "I'm a Michigan native living in Ann Arbor with my husband, eight month old dog Una (a giant German Shepherd), and 10 year old dog Grendel (a true mutt). I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Education and a MSI in Human Computer Interaction. My interest in education is what drew me to HCI - they both deal with getting information to humans in the way that best fits their way of thinking and capabilities." Here's a link to her awesome presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/megarz/lifelong-learning-in-ux-55057799 
  10. Liza Potts : Liza Potts is an associate professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University where she is the Director of WIDE Research and the Experience Architecture program. Her research interests include digital rhetoric, internet studies, participatory culture, and social user experience. She is the Chair of the Association of Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication (ACM SIGDOC). Her presentation was about how during times of disaster, people try to reach out across social media to locate lost loved ones, learn about the event, share information, and try to help each other. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our social media tools are not designed to allow this information to surface and circulate in ways that can help in such desperate times. This presentation addressed the usability of these systems and shared the findings of over 10 years worth of study.
  11. Josie Scott Josie Scott is a User Experience Design Research Lead at Synchrony Financial in Van Buren Twp., Michigan. She specializes in user experience research: facilitating "ah-hah!" moments in research and synthesizing insight into design solutions. She has helped to create customer engagement in software, mobile and other digital products for Fortune 500 companies in the financial, software, energy and automotive industries.

  12. So, what is XA/UX?

  13. Scott: "User Experience Design (and, in my mind, Architecture is a part of the broader field of UX Design) seeks to create products that are engaging, easy to use and a good fit for the persons intended to use it. The process succeeds by placing the intended user at the center of the design process. In fact, the UX design process begins with the user, keeps the user centermost at every step, and ends with the user. UX Research serves the design process by providing unbiased, robust data from the user’s perspective at every stage of development."
  14. Bowman: "I usually tell people that as a UX Architect, I help make sure that technology--whether it's a website, a mobile app, or a system in your car--works the way you expect it to. There are many different kinds of UX roles available in the field. But no matter what your title is, if you approach the work from a user experience mindset, that definition works for you too."
  15. Potts: "The Experience Architecture program seeks to help students learn to become user experience practitioners. This major is about creating new forms of knowledge, rethinking undergraduate studies, and producing Humanities-trained students who are leading product development and design. The program is deeply interdisciplinary, drawing on courses from across the College and University. Figure 1 illustrates the different fields we draw on for our coursework." Click here for more information about the major from an article in UXAP Magazine.
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