#JAWS15: Sunday at CAMP

Sessions, speakers and a whole lotta beautiful Montana.

  1. We started the day with a tribute to JAWS' legacy -- the women we've lost, and how their memory lives on.
  2. And then announced an exciting new board and leadership, with the amazing, dedicated Sandra Fish as new president!
  3. Our fantastic plenary session 'Not On My Watch' shed light on diversity -- one of JAWS' major growth areas -- powered by Mary C. Curtis and Jill Geisler. Women shared painful stories about being the only one in the room.
  4. Inspired and empowered, we set off to the last sessions.
  5. In Reporting the Whole Story, Samantha McCann and Liza Gross from Solutions Journalism Network talked about a new way to look at your stories, especially in times of conflict.
  6. Meanwhile, investigative journalists E.J. Graff, Alison Kodjak, Sue Horton and Linda Jue shared tips and insight on how to dig up a great story. #jawsdig
  7. JAWS is all about leadership, and a workshop by Jane McDonnell from the Online News Association helped point participants in the right direction.
  8. Next, many JAWdesses put on their hiking boots to enjoy the great, wild outdoors. The beautiful, inspiring settings make CAMP truly special.
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