#JAWS15: Saturday at CAMP

A day of speakers, sessions and all-around brilliance!

  1. The first full day at CAMP started off with AP's first female foreign correspondent, Edie Lederer, a true trailblazer.
  2. Needless to say, she had some pretty badass stories about getting kicked out of countries and powering through glass ceilings.
  3. After breakfast, JAWdesses had to make some tough decisions: a panel on race & police, or Washington for Sale?
  4. Our #raceandpolice session with NPR's Cheryl Corley, The Washington Post's Cheryl Thompson & the Investigative Fund's Carla Murphy was a hit -- women were sitting on the floor and lined up at the door to discuss one of the country's hottest topics.
  5. They tackled some tough questions, but also offered some solutions for covering race and communities across the country.
  6. On the other side of the hall, our Washington for Sale panel with Nancy Watzman, Alison Kodjak and Denise Ross Barber, tackled some of the shadier sides of politics. #jawsmoney
  7. Then a second round of sessions happened (and a couple of people escaped for some good views).
  8. Meanwhile, Columbia College professor Jackie Spinner revved up an insightful Mobile Storytelling workshop that had everyone looking at their phones a bit differently.
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