Inside Sao Paulo's Pregame World Cup Protests

A day on Twitter with GlobalPost correspondent @willcarless

  1. Things started off pretty mellow ...
  2. Then I started to see these guys ...
  3. This is the main union-organized protest, which was entirely peaceful, if loud ...
  4. At another protest a few blocks away, a handful of angry guys faced off against the police:
  5. Then there was a massive bang as police fired something into the crowd of mainly reporters. I later learned it was a stun grenade:
  6. This turned out to be CNN producer Barbara Arvanitidis :
  7. At one point there were three choppers:
  8. The people who organize using #BlacBloc tactics can easily be identified by their informal uniform. Once these guys show up, you know there's going to be trouble:
  9. This was right before things started to go really wrong:
  10. I attribute the start of the "riots" to this bag of trash being dumped on the street. The crashing of glass bottles was like a rallying cry:
  11. Followed by dozens of cameras, the protesters started dumping more trash and then set it on fire:
  12. I had to retreat as tear gas canisters started flying. Meanwhile, the fire by the gas station grew more intense:
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