Will #post2015 "ensure Stable and Peaceful Societies" for development?

On April 24th and 25th, as one of six thematic events, the President of the General Assembly held an event on "Ensuring Stable and Peaceful Societies." WFUNA followed up by holding a Reflection and Strategy Meeting to see how we can advocate peace and security issues in the post-2015 agenda!

  1. Before the event started, WFUNA, not one to miss an opportunity to provide input, was fortunate to send this statement off to the PGA's office on our thoughts on "Ensuring Stable and Peaceful Societies". 
  2. A part of our statement was the call to move passed the affirmations that a relationship between peace, security and development existed to something more concrete: How can we integrate peace, security and conflict prevention in the #post2015 agenda? Did that happen? The relationship was definitely acknowledged! 
  3. The drivers, external stressors to conflict and relationship with other key factors were discussed.
  4. We confirmed that Post-2015 is a universal agenda, and violence and conflict are universal problems to tackle.
  5. So we acknowledged the relationship between peace, security and development. Did we move past it and discuss how we can incorporate it into the post-2015 agenda? Yes we did! Possible targets were discussed! Double score.
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