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  2. News On Climate Change

  3. This video on the National Geographic website with Bill Nye is a great explanation on how climate change is affecting our beautiful planet.
  4. The next article is highlighting how climate change and the risk from global warming has almost doubled to 62 in the past 3 years, destroying many of our world wonders.
  5. After 3 years flat growth, it looks as though fossil fuel emissions are set to hit a record high in 2017. A 'huge leap backwards' some scientists say or is it just a fluctuation that will reduce once China has started reducing their emissions? We certainly hope so!
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  7. A proposal for geoengineering to counter the effect of of global warming could be a potential way to to cool the planet but could also be a risky strategy.
  8. Due to being well governed, it's envirnomental protection and it's sustainable development,Bhutan isn't only carbon neutral but carbon negative.
  9. Sustainability

  10. I love this idea for community gardens but also for a family garden. It would be easy to grow organically too.
  11. It's always good to keep in touch with ways to go and stay green. We really like this article as it includes the use of essential oils to make cleaning products (which is actually really easy!), educating our children to be healthy and aware of our environment and how to recycle and it reminds us to keep on learning and educating ourselves. Some great and easy tips here!
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