Amazing Aurora storm lights up Ireland with Northern Lights!

The night of 27 February, 2014 the Northern Lights put on a powerful show in the northern parts of Ireland. Here are some photos

  1. We don't get regular strong shows of the aurora like our neighbors in Norway, but when it happens it is stunning. The Northern lights over castle ruins & stone circles? Yes please! Last night my twitter was filled with beautiful photos, & I've gathered some of them together to share with you. Huge respect to the photographers who go out & capture these images- thank you so much for sharing them on Twitter. I am only sharing images that are credited/watermarked to the photographer. These dedicated night sky photographers like Martina Gardiner, whose photos start off the post, are fantastic! Give them a follow. Enjoy!
  2. I hope you enjoyed this collection. If you'd like to find more about seeing & photographing the Northern Lights in Ireland I have a post here with tips, links, and some videos of past Irish auroras. Happy Light chasing! 
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