Vancouver's Forgotten Stories at #NV13

At Vancouver's Northern Voice personal expression conference, i presented the closing keynote and shared a mixed media variety of lost Vancouver stories along with a campfire, easel, record player, dossiers, Expo86 mug, flowers, paintings, records, and affection.

  1. By exploring an oft-forgotten and eclectic variety of Vancouver stories, Northern Voice veteran (this is his 9th talk) Dave Olson @uncleweed, will send you on personal quests to discover new heroes, sort out conundrums, and collaborate with other storymakers to and remix artifacts from our local life. Along the way, you'll explore forms your mixed media stories might take and ways to share with audiences you've yet to meet.

    Start your journey by finding inspiration and interestingness in the history of our own Vancouver, perhaps: forgotten breweries and legendary blues venues, wealthy recluse at the Bayshore, intrepid punk rock photographer, bohemian group of seven painters, storytellers past and future, true heavyweight champ in an unmarked grave, a dead Hollywood star and his grisly autopsy, stoner comedians' first meeting, Jimi/Janis/Jerry, summer of love shakedown #nofun, Sammy Sr. at the Cave, Jello at the York, everyone at the Buddha, and a host of our distant forebears and peers.

    Your speaker Dave grew up in Guildford > Whalley > Newton and now lives in Lynn Valley and works in Mt. Pleasant and while he's spent time in 29 other countries – he takes distinct interest in getting lost in neighbourhoods seeking craft ales, chill gardens and curious tales. You may have caught him sharing at Pecha Kucha, SXSW, TedX or local community clubs.
  2. Watching a rough cut of a story on our fav storyteller @uncleweed by @andrewlavigne cc @kemped #daveolove
    Watching a rough cut of a story on our fav storyteller @uncleweed by @andrewlavigne cc @kemped #daveolove
  3. The core of personal expression is in the stories we create. Indeed, we humans are defined by the stories we tell and the people we ell them to. No matter what form your stories take – digital or analog – they come alive when shared with an audience.
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    Photo on 2013-06-15 at 16:48.jpg
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    Photo on 2013-06-15 at 16:51.jpg
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