Disruption For The Media

Last week the Financial Times held it's FT Digital Media 2016 (#FTMedia) conference in London. It brought together leaders of the media, communications and advertising world to discuss the forces that are reshaping the media and engagement business.

  1. Day One started with a focus on The Guardian and the shift in media consumption and the push back by consumers on advertising, which has led to a sharp rise in the use of a and analytics blockers. The use of which is impacting the revenues of certain media organisations.
  2. Video has become the format of choice not just for advertisers, but communicators and marketeers. But quality, context and relevance are key to securing engagement and buy-in to brands.
  3. As well as video, chat and messaging apps are emerging from the innovation phase. Personalised engagement has the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.

  4. As always, Claire Enders shared some impressive insight on media consumption and the channels used to find and consume content. Enders also focused on the value generated by the BBC against disruptions like Netflix.
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