1. Project updates

  2. We started the 7th December with updates from the Africa based projects in the ODDC network, as well as inputs from two cases in Asia, and one in the Caribbean. 
  3. The University of Cape Town Open UCT research team have been exploring the use of higher education governance data, and have shared early findings in two papers.
  4. The case study led by Development Research and Training draws comparisons between experiences in Kenya and Uganda. 
  5. The University of Ilorin have been exploring the use of open budget data in Nigeria.
  6. The Society for Democratic Initiatives, Sierra Leone shared details of their studies into application of the Right to Information provisions of the 2004 Local Government Act, and the extent of access to information through the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative - highlighting how information is often provided through notice boards and paper media - and raising the question of how definitions of open data should be drawn. 
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