Data Facts: Keyword Planner Kills Google Keyword Tool

In this quick video, Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell talks about the key differences between the Legacy Google data and the new Keyword Planner Data

  1. How Google's New Keyword Planner Tool Impacts Building Your Site
  2. Former military software architect Sue Bell explained to Network Empire Members today, the difference between the old google keyword research tool and the ALL NEW Google Keyword "Planner"
  3. Here are a few differences from the old Keyword Tool:
    - No match type data for search volume (you'll get historical statistics only for exact match);
    - No device targeting (you will not be able to specifically target mobile devices, like tablets and mobile phones);
    - You will notice several different data columns than those that you were used to seeing in Keyword Tool.
  4. "I think on the whole, the changes that have been made are positive", Sue Bell summarized. She added "Using the new Google Planner data will result in creating a better and more accurate website as a whole." 

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