Bring & Byte - music, tech and the future of indie music

Bring & Byte - a hackathon in Hebden Bridge over the weekend of the 8-10 May - brought together 26 curious musicians, promoters, artists, coders and creative technologists to work on shared ideas for the future of the independent music sector. Here's what we got up to...

  1. Some serious prep was done on props for the weekend.
  2. The weekend was fuelled by Martin's vats of vegan nosh
  3. With the bonus of clandestine gala pie for those in need of pork...
  4. @amcewen and @scotscowgirl kicked things off with a fireside chat - tech that excites us and the realities of running a music venue/festival
  5. Props Time! Introductions from everyone via the medium of a prop...remember, everyone loves a jar.
  6. Day 2 - let the hacking begin!
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