AASL Hartford 2013 Final

In which I explain why there was no blog post yesterday.

  1. Ordinarily I would have posted this yesterday, but as soon as the closing session of conference was over, I got in the car to drive home and didn't get there until 1 a.m. I've only just found the time to post today so here's my review of day 2!

    When I got there first thing, I discovered that the makerspaces session that I wanted to go to was completely full. So I headed a couple of doors over for a session on social media. It was okay, but a lot of the information was stuff I already knew. 
  2. Next up I went to a session on Extending Beyond the Bookstacks. This was a great session about flipping your library. I can't wait to really look at all of the apps and other tools suggested.
  3. There's a great link to a Smore document that has all the resources from that session that can be found here.

    After that we had some exclusive exhibit time. The booths were closing down, and that's always a great time to pick up a few display copies for free. I hit up Harper Collins, Penguin and Baker & Taylor for some great free books!

    Finally it was time for one last concurrent session. I went to Heard Any Good Books Lately. It started out well and seemed like it was going to be a good session about audiobooks and school libraries, but ended as a sampler for several different audiobooks. Oh well. There were so many different sessions to choose from picking just a few was hard. Luckily many of the sessions were recorded, and are already up on eCollab for viewing!
  4. Finally, it was closing session with Peter Bregman. We heard some great information on Libraries and on time management from both speakers.
  5. It was a great couple of days at AASL in Hartford. I can't wait for the next national meeting in Columbus, OH 2015!
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