2014 Olympic Games: Sochi problems go viral

The 2014 Olympic games have started in Sochi but a significant amount of negative attention is being brought to the cleanliness of the city. People all over are using social media documenting Sochi's unsanitary living conditions, which has lead many to question the decision to host the games there.

  1. Various news outlets have reported on the amount of attention being brought to the problems Sochi is facing 
  2. Many people were disappointed at the city's condition
  3. In a very short time, a #Sochiproblems twitter was created to show images of the problems that tourists and journalists have experienced in visiting the city. They range from Hotels not having clean or any water to the stray dogs problem in the city. These issues have people questioning what their $51 billion budget went towards.
  4. The lack of preparation for the Olympics in Sochi created more negative attention. This picture was taken just five hours before the Olympics were scheduled to start. 
  5. The city's stray dog problem was brought up as a potential hazard for not only the dogs, but peoples lives.
  6. Some people however were not surprised to hear the news of the current at the state of Sochi and the issues that accompanied the city.
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