ChiPy Mentorship Midterm Coding Dojo

  1. ChiPy Python Mentorship Midterm Coding Dojo was Chicago Python user group's first Python Coding Dojo. Modeled closely following the "London Rules", it was meant to give the mentees a chance to self-evaluate how far they have progressed in their Python journey. Till now they have been working with a single mentor and this was their first time hacking with other developers in the program.
  2. We formed ad-hoc teams of four/five with each team being a mix of mentor and mentees. With pizza on one hand and beer on the other, they voted to select one problem from five choices. The decision was crisp and clear - for the next hour, each team would be building a website heart beat checker. If the website was down - it would flash a message to the terminal or send out a email notification.
  3. Building software is a lot about deciding on tradeoffs and communicating it. As the hour progressed we could understand by the level of noise in the room that the mentees are getting a good taste of that.
  4. Next it was demo time! Each of the teams went and showed their application working and code they have written. Given we had people who have been coding in Python for a few weeks now, it was super impressive to see that each fo the three teams had fully functional apps with tests.
  5. Orielly Meida has been generous to give us their best selling Python titles to give out as prizes for our mentorship program. We are just so grateful to see these smiles! Thanks Orielly!
  6. And we are grateful to Sprout Social for being such a generous host!
  7. The secret agenda for organizing the Coding Dojo was to get our
    mentor/mentees ready for a Hackathon that will mark the end of the
    mentorship program. Coding Dojo was our Midterm, and the Hackathon would be our Final. The battle will be fierce, the glory will be eternal and prizes will be epic! And yes this hackathon will be open to all; even if you were not a part of the mentorship program we invite you to join us!
  8. Our mentees are currently working on getting their elevator pitches ready and will submit a writeup to tell us how cool their project is, where they want to take it and what help they need for making it a winning project.
  9. On May 14, ChiPy will be having the annual Ultimate Language Shootout, where Python will be put to test against every other language. Our Mentor/Mentees would also be pitching their project on that day to convince other developers that to join their project. So whether you write Python or Javascript or any other language, we we want you to join us for the Lanugage shootout and the Hackthon so that we can build some cool software together.

    The hackathon will also be good opportunity for developers who want to learn about this mentorship program. You can interact with the mentor and mentees to understand how in 3 months ChiPy makes you a kickass Pythonista!
  10. Lastly, I really want to thank each of our amazing mentors without whom this event would not have been possible at all! You guys are the real superheroes of ChiPy ...
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