ChiPy Mentorship OctDec2015

Third season of Chicago Python User Group's Mentorship program

  1. We just completed the third season of Chicago Python User Group's Mentorship Program. Every season is an experiment. The following season I try to incorporate changes that have been suggested by graduating mentors/mentees.

    Here is what our mentorship program offered this season:

    1. One on One mentorship for three months
    2. Choose your own adventure - pick a track from Python 101, Data Science, Web Development
    3. Coding Dojos - Hands on problem solving with other mentor and mentees. Delicious dinner and delightful drinks free!
    4. Office hours - bring your problems to Chicago Python Project night
    5. Become a ChiPy speaker - Showcase your progress in front of an audience of 100+ Python developers.
    6. Best Selling Python books as prizes for winners selected by audience vote.

    Other important changes this season:

    1. Unlike last seasons, I decided to cap the number of Mentor/Mentee pairs to 15. This was to select only candidates who are devoted enough to stick through the entire course. This really worked well, and a tight knit community was formed in the three months. Plus it reduced a lot of operational overhead for me.
    2. Experimented with slack - I would say this was somewhat successful. Email is still the king, specially when it comes to reminding people about deadlines.

  2. Special thanks to Jason Wirth, Raymond Berg, Hector Rios for all your support - both logistic, intellectual and motivational.
  3. Coding Dojo at Cofactor Digital

  4. Kickstarting the Mentorship Finals

  5. Brian Ray introducing David Beazely

  6. Mentees become Speakers

  7. A Better Bus tracker

  8. Great attendance at GoGo Chicago Office

  9. Machine Learning and Fintech

  10. Mentees line up for Judgment

  11. Crowdsourced Judgment

  12. Happy Winners

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