2013 Wonk of the Year

An Evening with Anderson Cooper

  1. Kinda cool that Wonk of the Year launched last year, when I first arrived at AU. 
  2. I wasn't a big fan. Before his speech, that is. Obviously I was in the minority. The kids loved 'em. 
  3. Cooper fielded questions on his sexuality ("Woo hoo, I'm gay!") and being a role model. He was humble and open about both. 

    Whether he wants to be a role model or not, these fine young adults see him as a buoy of change in a dishonest, cynical, media saturated world. (Okay, maybe I'm projecting my disdain for cable news here...)
  4. The undergrads asked lots of questions. Cooper doled out common sense advice & addressed ethics and commercialism in journalism. 
  5. He joked he'd be on the cover of People next week. Then on to even heavier topics, like reporting from a war zone.
  6. Cooper said his 60 Minutes piece "War Against Women," about mass rape in Congo, won an Emmy yet remained one of the lowest-rated segments of the year. But he found hope from one of the survivors he interviewed. (It's just 12 minutes, people. Watch it.)  
  7. Cooper also spoke about his own intern experience at the CIA, and how to be a successful intern. 
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