Brits 2017 best moments

There were some great moments at the ceremony

  1. 1. Katy Perry's house falls off stage
  2. On the actual broadcast, this was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.
    But viewers at the O2 itself filmed the moment when one of Katy Perry's backing dancers, dressed as a house, took a tumble off the edge of the stage during the singer's performance of her song 'Chained to the Rhythm'.
    Poor Katy Perry - first the left shark at the Super Bowl, now this? *insert property plummeting joke here*
  3. Shortly after the performance by Katy Perry, Jonathan Ross and Naomi Campbell took to the stage to introduce the nominees for the next award.
    However, it appeared that two of Perry's backup dancers were still trying to vacate the stage.
    Behind the TV host and the supermodel came two hulking houses, walking in a rather weird fashion to try to get off the stage.
    And of course, everyone on social media had a great laugh.
  4. 3. Clara Amfo practicing her links above Robbie Williams' performance.
  5. After the main awards ceremony, Clara Amfo, Alice Levine, and Laura Jackson took over hosting duties from Dermot O'Leary and Emma Willis on ITV2. And viewers could probably understand Clara wanting to practice her links ahead of her time on air.

    The problem was, Robbie - and the viewers - were able to hear her practicing because someone had left the sound fader up. Robbie even responded to her, with a giant 'WHAT?' during the middle of his performance, but then quickly realised and styled it out.
  6. 4. The dad dancers during Robbie's performance
  7. During the same performance where Clara was speaking over him, the camera cut to two random people on stage dancing. Virgin Radio's Jamie East had this to say:
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