1. Shortly after 1pm today dozens of peaceful Stop Adani climate activists occupied Labor Opposition leader Bill Shorten's electoral office in Moonee Ponds. Some occupied the office while more stood outside the building in a visual and (audio) display to passers-by with a wealth of songs and chants.
  2. They want him to stop equivocating and take a moral and ethical stand in opposing the Adani mine like fellow Victorian MPs Peter Khalil (Wills) and David Feeney (Batman). Shorten's environment spokeperson Mark Butler is very clear in saying that he doesn't think the mine stacks up on economics or environmental grounds. Shorten needs to lead instead of sitting on the fence.
  3. On Monday Angela, one of Shorten's constituents, gave to him two climate change reports to read. One of these is the recent report by David Spratt and Ian Dunlop on Disaster Alley, Climate change, conflict and risk.
  4. The occupation and stand off in the office ended peacefully after Shorten's Chief of Staff agreed to meet three activists for an hour long meeting tomorrow.
  5. Those locked on, locked off. The banners, signs and black balloons were all picked up and the office left tidy. All the police called to the office (20 or so?) could go back to their regular duties. And the activists retired to the coffee shop over the road for a quick debrief.
  6. Social Media as the occupation unfolded

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