Switzerland votes

Swiss voters cast ballots on May 18 on minimum wages, fighter jets, medical care and a work ban for paedophiles.

  1. The rejection of the minimum wage and other votes have been being widely commented  
  2. What the Gripen vote actually means is still up for debate
  3. Although the result might have something to do with army service according to this analysis, ie the more people serve, the more likely they are to vote in favour of military procurement 
  4. Defence minister Ueli Maurer is being blamed for the Gripen 'no' vote, but it doesn't look like he will fall on his sword
  5. Here's the run-down of the Gripen vote result 
  6. In Sweden, the Gripen result is being met with contrasting reactions
  7. For the peace movement, it's a good day
  8. While Saab, the company that builds the Gripen, said it regretted the outcome of the Swiss vote
  9. Broadcaster Radio Sweden and the Aftonbladet newspaper both viewed the outcome as a surprise
  10. Gripen purchase is refused by 53.4% of Swiss voters, Swedish fighter jet grounded 
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