The Pico Capuchinas Round Chandelier from West Elm

Even though the online description lead me to believe that it wouldn't fit, I bought it. It fit.

  1. Online, the adjustable height is listed at 58.5" - 73.5". 
  2. Pico Capuchinas Round Chandelier | west elm
    Pico Capuchinas Round Chandelier | west elm
  3. I have nine foot ceilings, so If I used the shortest height, 58.5", the chandelier would have ended up 17.5" above my table. (76" (Ceiling to Table measurement) - 58.5" (Shortest Height))

    That's not right. 

    So I clicked the TALK BY PHONE link on the website. The good news: an operator called me immediately. The bad news: the operator had no way to access the website. 

    I hung up.
  5. I didn't hear back, so I drew a picture of what I wanted. 
  6. Still no answer so I tweeted again.
  7. Not believing that this could be the case, I added more info.
  8. Never heard back.
  9. Getting no where with West Elm, I Googled the designer Andrea Panico, and  found her blog. She had a blog post about her collaboration with West Elm: Pico Design Meets West Elm.

    Very cool. 

    Then we started tweeting back and forth.
  10. Another attempt to talk to West Elm.
  11. Andrea helped:
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