ROW 34 is a Fantastic Oyster Bar in Fort Point, Boston

Location: 383 Congress St. Fort Point, MA 02210

  1. Row 34 has an amazing draft beer list. I went for the Rico Sauvin IPA because of the name, ordered another because of the taste!
  2. There are lots of windows here that make for beautiful natural light. Also good for taking photos. These photos were shot with the Samsung NX1. #review
  3. It just happened to be National Oyster Day, so... we ordered oysters. They had a large selection. We went with the Row 34 Duxbury and Moom Shoal Branstable oysters. Both good choices, although I don't think you could go wrong with anything here.
  4. Grilled sourdough bread. Yum!
  5. The is the Fluke Crudo. It's new. We were told that the Tuna Crudo is so good that people come in with pitch forks if it's taken off the menu, so...
  6. We ordered the Tuna Crudo next. So fresh and tasty.
  7. Row 34 also has a new location in Portsmouth, NH.
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