How to Visit Nantucket

Here are some tips for a day on Nantucket. This can be the start of a multi-day vacation, or a plan to get the most out a one day visit.

  1. Take the Hy-Line Grey Lady High Speed cruise to Nantucket. Thanks to Hy-Line Crusises for the ride.
  2. You can reserve round-trip tickets and parking online.
  3. The ride is very smooth and takes about an hour.
  4. The view of Brant Point lighthouse, as you arrive in Nantucket is the best. You'll be walking to here soon.
  5. When you dock, you collect your luggage and then either walk, take a cab, or meet pre-arraged tansportation to get to your lodging.
  6. We enjoy staying at the Whote Elephant Village and Inn. It's got a pool and free bike rentals. They also have sister hotels on the island.
  7. If your room is ready you can check-in, or just check your bags and head out for the day. The friendly people at the front desk will call you when your room is ready.
  8. Belt drive bikes are available as part of your hotel stay. They are very very quiet and fun to ride.
  9. It's a short walk from the hotel to the Brant Point Lighthouse.
  10. You can continue your walk along the water or on the parallel street to Jetties Beach. Lots of great shells can be found on the beach walk.
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