Here's a Bordeaux Hotel for you: Best Western

Finding a hotel in Bordeaux was complex. I did a lot of research, and many online reviews turned me off. Finally I found the Best Western Bordeaux Bayonne Etche-Ona. It's a perfect pied-à-terre for you in Bordeaux.

  1. Overlooking Bordeaux.
  2. Best Western Bordeaux Bayonne Etche-Ona.
  3. Smart marketing to grab the best hotel URL ever for Bordeaux:
  4. When you are researching hotels in Bordeaux, you'll come across the Grand Hotel Bordeaux. That hotel is just around the corner.
  5. The room size was fine and very clean.
  6. Bathroom was also good with a nice stall shower that had great water pressure.
  7. Back on the main street.
  8. Looking towards the center of Bordeaux.
  9. Opera house.
  10. Modern tram goes by. Limited number of cars here. Pedestrian friendly for exploring.
  11. Big head just outside the Apple Store.
  12. Just down the street from the center of Bordeaux is the Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux. That's where helpful peopel can find you wine tours that match your requirements.
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