1. Fenway Park. Pre-game, down close.
  2. Watch video of the pre-game at Fenway.
  3. Up high in the box seats. Thanks Merrill Lynch.
  4. Getting a better photo with an iPhone and PRO HDR

  5. The iPhone and any smartphone has trouble exposing a photo with there is a big contrast between the light nad dark portions of an image. So what the phone does is take an average exposure, and does the best it can. That looses the highlights of the dark and light parts.
  6. With Pro HDR , the camera takes two phots. One exposes for the light part,a nd one exposes for hte dark part, then the app combines the best of both.
  7. Here's an example.
  8. PHOTO 1: Expose for the SKY.
  9. PHOTO 2: Expose for the FIELD.
  10. PHOTO 1: COMBINED Photo with the BEST SKY and FIELD exposure.
  11. Here's another HDR photo getting the best SKY and Field.
  12. Dwight Evans.
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