Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier

If you are in the Kittery, ME area, stop in to the Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier for fresh seafood. It's right on the water.

  1. Seating is out side and some areas are shaded.
  2. Kids can have fun getting a close up look at he lobsters.
  3. I overheard that this lobster was a 'mean' one. I'm not sure what that meant, but I bet he wasn't happy about becoming someone's dinner.
  4. Here's the menu. Appetisers are a pretty good size.
  5. The tables are very colorful. They are also numbered. When you order, you give your table number nad hte food is delivered to you.
  6. Here's the steamers appetiser.
  7. Overlooking the water. If you have a boat, you can pull up for liunch or dinner.
  8. Note: All photos shot with Samsung #NX1 in AUTO mode. #review
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