1. Beginning another long day - last day of plenary. Some pretty hot-topic things to come, but for the first time in a number of years, the controversy doesn't revolve around human sexuality. Nope, we'll talk about Middle East Issues and fossil fuel divestments, to name two in particular.
  2. But first, we get to elect our new Stated Clerk. Along with getting to vote the Confession of Belhar into existence, this is the other thing I've been most excited about at this GA. One of the candidates, J. Herbert Nelson, is a truly amazing man. Had the pleasure of serving with him in a leadership role for a Montreat Collegiate Conference a few years back. He would be phenomenal as our church's Stated Clerk.
  3. And #GA222, we have a new Stated Clerk. Congratulations to @jherbertnelson!
  4. THAT WAS AWESOME. Now on to other stuff, like voting on whether we pastors continue calling ourselves "Teaching Elders" (as was changed to a couple of years ago) or to return to "Ministers of Word & Sacrament" which it'd been previously for a long time. I find the TE nomenclature a little clumsy and confusing (for myself and others). There's not much in our denomination I want to go backwards on, but this is one.
  5. I love the honesty and transparency of our new co-moderator...
  6. Lunch, then back at it in the afternoon. Lots to do. Let's get cracking. After an energizer....
  7. 500 Miles #energizer #ga222 #yaads
  8. We move to Middle East Issues. You'll recall from my previous blogs this week that that was the committee I was assigned to for Bills & Overtures. Some pretty contentious stuff. Let's see how things play out on the plenary floor.
  9. Still struggling with a desire - after the last General Assembly - to somehow balance the tone of rhetoric in regard to Israeli and Palestinian issues. Trying to speak the truth in love while not isolating either party is hard. We go to dinner.
  10. Back from dinner. More of the same. Middle East Issues are complicated.
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