#NCSEN: Observer writes on Hagan stimulus story, quotes liberal group to 'debunk'

Right on the heels of the last Storify I did on how NC Big Media are helping to keep Senator Kay Hagan (D) ahead of GOP nominee & NC House Speaker Thom Tillis comes the latest round of bias, this time from (surprise!) the Charlotte Observer. Read on.

  1. First, my piece from yesterday:
  2. Now, in that piece I cited as an example of the bias of local media outlets the fact that none of them had reported on the disturbing Hagan stimulus story outside of reporting it as incurious bystanders. Reason being is that the Observer "report" was basically a very brief recap noting what Politico reported, and included quotes from the two camps in response. In other words, no really hard digging journalists typically engage in to find out if there was more to a story than just what we've read initially.

    In yet another example of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up", on the same day I composed my Storify on the bias of the media here, the Charlotte Observer finally wrote a little more in detail about the Hagan stimulus story - but only after the Hagan camp had done two things to try and neutralize the original story and the New Media fall-out: 1) Filed a counter-ethics claim against the GOP's conflict of interest claim against Hagan, and 2) gotten the left wing Huffington Post to bite on a hard-to-understand story about alleged real estate conflicts of interest by Thom Tillis. In other words, the Observer was finally ready to do some in-depth reporting on this issue but only after they could, more or less, try and play the "both sides do it, too" card as if to say, "Hey, it's politics, what do you expect?"

    But that's not the kicker. This is. Read the below quote they used in order to try and debunk the ethics complaint against Hagan:
  3. And I didn't catch it at the time, but just below the paragraph about the "conservative Daily Caller" website was a paragraph on the Huffington Post real estate piece. Notice something missing?

    On Monday, the Huffington Post carried a story about a Huntersville trailer park once owned by Tillis’ company, TRT Holdings. The article says in 2007, Tillis’ first term in the House, he pushed an annexation bill that could have increased the value of the three-acre property.

  4. Fascinating that the left wing "CREW" - headed by Media Matters founder David Brock - is "non-partisan", Daily Caller is "conservative", but the Huffington Post, founded by left winger Arianna Huffintgon and dominated by left-wing-inspired rants, is .... just the Huffington Post. In other words, we should "trust" CREW because it is supposedly "non-partisan", we should take the Daily Caller's claims about Hagan's stimulus vote with a grain of salt because it's conservative, but the Huffington Post, well, let's look more into that since (at least if you infer from the Observer) there is no slant there. Really!?

    If the Observer wants to quote CREW, and link to Daily Caller and Huffington Post pieces, fine, but is it really too much to ask for them to note that CREW is NOT "non-partisan" and that the Huffington Post is a liberal site as much as Daily Caller is conservative? Let us make up our own minds, please, McClatchy papers. We don't need you to do our thinking for us. Thanks!
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