'Feminists' seek to deny due process to college men accused of rape on campus

Wish I could say I was surprised by this. A chorus of opinion pieces are echoing a disturbing theme among so-called "progressive feminists": deny college men accused of rape on campus due process rights & let school admins take the lead instead. We'll start w/ left wing media outlet Salon.

  1. "Rape lobby"? As in people lobbying to be able to rape without punishment? Um - what?
  2. Columnist Ashe Schow to the rescue!
  3. Unfortunately, the false reports and baseless insinuations about how frats essentially wanted to make rape legal (really??) took off running today, with the Usual Suspects on the left assuming the worst -- without reading the fine print. Click the link below.
  4. A "news" article on the Bloomberg website apparently started it all. You see, when frats lobby to give less power to campus admins on rape accusations and more power to, you know, law enforcement to investigate, it turns into 'frats don't want campus rape accusations investigated.'
  5. TPM was another left wing media outlet today that pushed the false "frats want to make it harder for rape accusations to be investigated" narrative.
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