1. Needless to say, people were not pleased that we're being pulled out, considering that we're already feeling the negative effects of climate change-- from crazy superstorms to rising sea levels to destroyed agriculture (READ: A FUTURE WITHOUT AVOCADO TOAST)... the list goes on. Here's what the world had to say:
  2. First, there's this map which points out that Americans think climate action would make America great:
  3. Ugh yes, listen to Uncle Joe!
  4. And there's this helpful article that tells us how, despite political parties, most Americans want to stay in the agreement:
  5. Senator Markey tells it like it is:
  6. Senator Feinstein asked this important question:
  7. And also this disturbing question?
  8. And Senator Harris reminded us who we're letting down-- CHILDREN. Think of the CHILDREN!
  9. And then nasty feminists reminded us what we should actually be crushing:
  10. There was this real reminder of what Trump and his fossil fuel allies will have to deal with:
  11. Senator Booker reminded us that we will be YUGE LOSERS for opting out:
  12. Seriously-- we'd be sitting at the lunch table with only Syria and Nicaragua*... not cool. (*Well, Nicaragua wanted something EVEN STRONGER so tbh, no one can sit with them because they are too cool.)
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