1. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the world's last untouched wild places. Now, much like the public lands across the Southwest, it's facing the greatest threats in decades. Members of the Gwich'in Nation, who have relied on the Arctic refuge for survival for millenia, are traveling from the Arctic across the desert Southwest to raise the alarm.

    The group will traverse four states in just over a week, showing the new Patagonia film The Refuge, and finding common ground with communities that depend on public lands.

    Visit our interactive map to see locations, dates, times and details for the whole tour!
  2. The Tour Has Begun!

  3. Our youngest traveler, Lexine, puts the official finishing touches on the tour van this morning in Arizona! What a great send off for such an important journey!
  4. Meet the team on their way to our tour's first stop -- Tucson! (L to R: Izzy Goodman, James Nathaniel Jr., Jeneen Frei Njootli, tour guide Lexine, Bernadette Dementieff and Alli Harvey)
  5. Road triiiiip! First stop Tucson on the #ProtectOurHomelands tour for the Arctic Refuge
    Road triiiiip! First stop Tucson on the #ProtectOurHomelands tour for the Arctic Refuge
  6. Stay tuned for more updates from the road! And if you haven't already, join the call for permanent Arctic National Wildlife Refuge protections today!

  7. First Stop: Tucson

  8. Before the event, Bernadette, Jeneen and James visited KXCI -- Tucson community radio to talk about the Gwich'in connection to the sacred Arctic Refuge, and get the word out about the big tour!
  9. The group was welcomed to the local lands by Tohono o'odham elders Ophelia Zepeda and family.
  10. And the screening was a success!

  11. On to Phoenix!

  12. The tour continues, as Bernadette meets up with Arizona State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai before today's event in Phoenix.
  13. Senator Peshlakai even extended an invite to visit the Arizona state house!
  14. -
  15. The tour is already getting attention in Arizona local news.
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