Cole Vosbury movin' on up on The Voice

We've got another reason to watch The Voice and his name is Cole Vosbury. Last night, Vosbury earned his place on Team CeeLo with his version of The Jeffersons theme song. Check out his performance below and what folks had to say. What did you think about it?

  1. Cole Vosbury: " Movin' On Up" - The Voice Highlight
  2. CeeLo loves Cole Vosbury's take on The Jeffersons' theme song!Read more ›
  3. Making funny faces with Cole from The Voice. #thevoice #colevosbury
  4. What balls to sing the jeffersons theme song on the voice. I love it.
  5. Shoutout to my cousin Cole! Congrats bro, Ce-Lo wants you. Represent LA as you become famous! #ColeVosbury
  6. Team Cee Lo!!!! Watch for Cole Vosbury from Shreveport, LA this season! 
  7. WATCH!! Lol Cole playing at the Piano Bar in Shreveport. #shortpeopleproblems   #randynewman   #pianoguys...
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