FutureBook Hack

FutureBook Hack will see developers, designers and entrepreneurs spend a weekend brainstorming and problem solving in a previously untapped sector: book publishing. We'll be blogging live in the run-up to and during the event right here, so stick with us.

  1. The task: To bring fresh eyes to an established industry, to tackle the challenges facing book publishing, to adapt to a changing landscape and to help readers discover the perfect book.
    The stakes: A £5,000 cash prize for the winning team, and the chance to be at the forefront in the next stage of publishing.
  2. Challenge 1 - Best use of data
    A simple category - take any data from any organisation - XML, ONIX etc and demonstrate an innovative use of that data - the great thing about this category is that it can be combined with any of the others. It’s the easiest category to enter, but the most difficult to win.

    Challenge 2 - Best use of audio
    Publishing is all about the written word. Isn’t it? Well no - publishers are amongst the biggest audio creators in the creative sector - everything from spoken word books to full dramatisation of epic fantasy to children’s stories. What happens when we play with this creative content and use it in a way that was never intended? What happens when it’s combined with visual media? Blow us away with your ideas.

    Challenge 3 - Automated content curation: ie what is better than 'other customers bought this’
    For my money this is the most difficult category. Content creation aids discoverability but there has to be something more fun than ‘other people liked this’. Inspire us with content curation.

    Challenge 4 - Discoverability
    What shall I read next? Where can I find the book everyone is talking about? I liked that add on the Tube but what’s the book called? I want to read that book by that author who was on telly yesterday… but what’s it called? Where can I buy that book with the red cover and the wizard on the front? All these questions are easy when you’re stood in front of an expert bookseller (like you find in Blackwell shops all over the country), but what happens when google doesn’t have the answer?

    Challenge 5 - Best digital reimaginiation of print assets - children’s
    The most fun you can possibly have at a Hack Day - messing around with ‘children’s’ content… make us laugh, make us cry but take these amazing assets from the publishers and play with them until they speak to a new audience.
  3. Good morning everyone! It's the first day of FutureBook Hack, and we hope you're all prepared. Remember, if you're going to tweet, use the hashtag #futurebookhack.
  4. At UCL preparing for the #futurebookhack.
    At UCL preparing for the #futurebookhack.
  5. One of the hackers already in the zone for the #futurebookhack!
    One of the hackers already in the zone for the #futurebookhack!
  6. #futurebookhack T-shirts awaiting their owners.
    #futurebookhack T-shirts awaiting their owners.
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